What is Security Analytics?

Security Analytics is an approach that leverages the power of big data and machine learning to unify, investigate, prioritize and correlate security telemetry to detect threats and respond accurately to incidents. By utilizing petabyte-scale volumes of security data from a variety of sensors (endpoint, cloud, network, etc.), Security Operation Center (SOC) teams can achieve broader visibility across the entire attack surface, remove detection silos, find anomalous behaviors in the data, and analyze threats with the context needed to enable analysts to make quick and effective decisions.

Security Analytics with Hunters XDR

Hunters Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution enables customers to intelligently connect information across multiple datasets. By combining logs from a variety of sensors into one detection engine, and subsequently into a correlation graph, Hunters XDR successfully eliminates false positives while identifying attacker techniques that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Hunters' automatic investigations eliminate hundreds or thousands of daily alerts, giving security analysts more time to focus on high-value work. Pre-built detection analytics provide comprehensive coverage, and customers can also add their own detection logic into the platform to easily query the data without writing a single line of SQL!

Key Benefits of Using Hunters XDR for Security Analytics

  • Data availability through native integration with modern data clouds, such as Snowflake
  • Productized security knowledge provides out-of-the-box detection, scoring, and investigation engine that’s always up-to-date  
  • Combine security expertise with machine learning to prioritize relevant signals that surface high fidelity alerts with the context needed for containment 
  • Dynamic cross-correlation builds context around telemetry signals and visually maps attack activity
  • Graph technology uniquely used to help discover never-before-seen threats as they emerge

Team Axon

Enhance Your Hunters Experience with Team Axon's Security Experts

Hunters’ Team Axon backs your team, boosting SOC capabilities with expertise in Threat Hunting and Incident Response. Whenever you use the Hunters platform and see a lead or an attack story on which you require additional information in terms of expertise, or some assistance on how to remediate or investigate the alert or signal, you may communicate to Team Axon and receive a timely response.

Main Services:

  • Cyber expertise on-demand
  • Threat Hunting
  • Detailed Network Analysis
  • Periodic cybersecurity initiatives to improve security posture

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