“Overall, the support from Hunters was phenomenal. But the one that was really meaningful early on in our POC was Team Axon, because they were the team of professionals that identified the security incident that we had across multiple environments, and told the narrative quickly, accurately, and concisely. The level of professionalism too was impressive.”

John Fung

— (former) deputy CISO at Cimpress



Team Axon Services

Rapid Response to Emerging Threats

Team Axon continuously monitors for impactful emerging threats – such as SolarWinds, Log4Shell, and ProxyLogon. Upon learning about new vulnerabilities, widespread attacks, threat actors, or campaigns, Team Axon scans customers' environments for IOCs and TTPs, and provides mitigation recommendations, visibility reports, threat-hunting queries, and more.


When an incident is reported by a customer, Team Axon investigates the different data sources (EDR, network, cloud, application logs, and more) and provides risk assessment and recommendations for mitigation and containment.

Proactive Threat
Research and Hunting

To stay ahead of emerging threats, Team Axon conducts advanced threat research to identify new attack techniques and hunts for them in customer environments. Newly-discovered threats are shared with the security community, and serve as one of the sources of innovation of Hunters' detection engine.