AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution and marketing analytics company for marketers, ad agencies and app creators. Founded a decade ago, AppsFlyer today has over 12,000 customers worldwide, working with many of the leading brands around the world across all market segments. Born in the cloud, it uses infrastructure from AWS, and its security team primarily uses cloud-based apps and services. For security management they use a SIEM based on Elastic, and in terms of security products they primarily use EDR and monitoring tools. All of them are connected to Hunters XDR, which seamlessly ingests all of their data. 

AppsFlyer’s security team comprises four different groups: the GRC, security engineering, a dedicated team to develop internal security tools, and the security operations team which is in charge of all the monitoring and incident response.

AppsFlyer’s main goal was to scale up their SOC: making more out of the tools and capabilities they already had, and moving from a defensive mode to a proactive one. While they had all the things they needed in place, the silos between a variety of solutions and the alerts they generate made incident response and mitigation of complex threats cumbersome and inefficient.


Key Challenges

  • Inability to look at alerts and events generated by siloed solutions in a unified manner and with the needed context.
  • Operating in a reactive mode at the SOC as opposed to doing so in a proactive way.
  • Difficulty to detect and mitigate complex attacks that are multi-surface and where attackers’ dwell time is long.
  • Lack of scale due to manual processes that could be automated such as investigation and prioritization of threat signals from various surfaces.
“The main value that Hunters XDR provides me as a CISO is that it connects the dots across solutions. My teams now have better visibility of the issues that we have in our environment, and we can connect alerts to a bigger story. My team can now handle issues in a more efficient and accurate way than before."
Guy Flechter - CISO at AppsFlyer
Ability to mitigate incidents faster and more efficiently
Fast time to value; it took a matter of minutes to deploy and starting to see insights
Connecting events and alerts from sparse sources into actionable Attack Stories
Increased business agility with faster and more effective detection of threats across existing systems
Achieving better visibility into the security environment, eliminating blind spots
Extending the incident response capabilities of their SOC with Hunters’ expert services

Quick Facts

AppsFlyer was founded over ten years ago with a mission to help marketers succeed. By empowering brands with a holistic view of every user journey across platforms, channels, and devices, AppsFlyer aims to be every marketer’s best friend. Today, they are the global attribution leader.

Customers: Over 12,000
Employees: 900
Offices: 18 global offices
Partners: Ecosystem of over 6,000 partner integrations
$300M Raised in funding
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