What is the SIEM?

Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions have traditionally been the center of the Security Operation. Ingesting firewall and endpoint logs from on-premises and other sources, it serves as the unifying platform for security telemetry, and the go-to place for security analysts to conduct investigations on incidents and alerts.

However, as valuable as they have been, security teams increasingly report that SIEMs have become “costly, complex and resource-consuming” (ESG’s survey research “The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC”).

If we break down the key use cases for the SIEM, we could tackle them from two key angles:

  1. Data Aggregation and Storage: collecting, normalizing and storing all event logs, also serving for auditing and compliance 
  2. Threat Detection and Response: based on manual rule configuration and alerting prompted by those rules or deviations from standard behavior

Challenges Associated with SIEM Tools

  • Limited telemetry, insights or retention of data from cost model
  • Burden of heavy rules management, limited to known threats
  • Analysts left to manually decipher disparate data
  • Limited automation of simple tasks but lacks context for analysts
  • Costly IT management derailing security analysts

Move Beyond SIEM with Hunters XDR

Hunters XDR is a purpose-built, turn-key security data and analytics platform. Hunters provides cloud-scale access to telemetry sources across the entire attack surface coupled with automated event prioritization, correlation and investigation. Open XDR is purpose-built to support SOC workflows from the data ingestion all the way to incident response, serving as the ideal approach for replacing the SIEM.

Hunters XDR natively integrates with a data lake, acting as both the ETL and the analytics engine on top of it. If you’re using a security data lake in your organization, Hunters will connect to the data lake and ingest all the security telemetry and organizational data. If you don’t have a data lake in place, you can easily leverage Hunters’ data lake.

Key Outcomes

  • Contain or restructure data costs
  • Simplify security tool complexity and reduce data fragmentation
  • Offload IT management and data engineering from security teams
  • Reduce investigation complexity
  • Augment existing analyst capabilities to support the changing business needs
  • Start generating insights from day one, no need for timely agent deployment, rule-writing, pre-configuration, or model training period

Hunters XDR + Snowflake Data Lake

Watch this demo video to see how using Hunters' open XDR together with a data lake can replace your SIEM.

Help your organization achieve better detection coverage and gain incident clarity by leveraging automatic investigations of alerts and threat signals with advanced correlations across attack surfaces.




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