Key XDR Integrations


Leverage endpoint telemetry and connect it to cloud, network and identity data to extend existing detections into new attack surfaces.


Eliminate the silos of cloud detection and response by connecting cloud workload data to on-premises telemetry and other security data.


Detect and respond to complex attacks by correlating SWG telemetry and firewall logs with security data from beyond the corporate perimeter.


Add a key knowledge source with identity-driven data to obtain high fidelity correlations and Attack Stories when connected to additional data sources and security telemetry.


Obtain full visibility on email attacks: EDR solutions detect once a malicious file is executed in a specific endpoint, but having the full trace of the malicious email in the organization is key.

Connecting Data Sources in Hunters’ Platform

Powered by cloud-based ingestion, connecting data sources to Hunters is fast and easy.

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