Last week we hosted an exciting webinar - Open XDR in the Modern SOC - where we addressed some of the key challenges that Security Operation Centers are facing today, why Open XDR has emerged as a consolidated detection and incident response platform to radically transform security operations, and how Hunters (open) XDR delivers on the promise. 

“Security Operations are more difficult today than two years ago”

The above quote is extracted from a survey report by ESG conducted in late 2020, and the conclusion is clear: despite focus and investment, security operations are still looking for help.

With security operations becoming a big data problem, and the ever-growing number of siloed security solutions that organizations have in place with limited or simple correlation abilities, the SOC efficiency has declined over time, leading to longer times to detect and respond to threats.

Let’s see some of the factors that are leading to the difficulty of security teams to manage threats in a timely manner:

  • Data. Threat management programs are hindered by data coverage issues. Organizations have limited ability to ingest, normalize, unify, effectively analyze and retain security data at scale and in a cost effective way.
  • Seeing and stopping attacks, or the detection problem. Alert volume is untenable, especially with lack of correlation and context. This, in many cases, results in missed or dismissed incidents. 
  • Operations. As businesses rapidly shift to the cloud and demand increased efficiencies, security leaders are facing increased operational costs, talent shortages, and declining productivity.

Legacy security tools are simply not scaled to handle the breadth of the growing attack surface; point solutions leave blind spots and limit incident investigation and response; and tools like the SIEM require massive knowledge and effort to support threat detection and response programs. Open XDR solutions have emerged to revolutionize the way the SOC detects, investigates and responds to threats.

Hunters’ Open XDR

Hunters’ open XDR fosters accelerated, confident response to incidents through a cloud-native platform. Organizations around the globe that have already deployed the solution are realizing these three key outcomes:

  1. In the first place, extending data usability with a complete data approach, ingesting telemetry from any security vendor, and making that data usable! Data is also retained in a “hot” manner for timely investigations.
  2. Second, SOC analysts gain incident clarity by leveraging Hunters’ packaged security expertise into a ready-to-use platform. These capabilities include automatic investigations of alerts and threat signals, correlation across multiple attack surfaces, and adding essential context that allows to create proper Attack Stories which are accurate and actionable.
  3. Finally, the SOC and their organizations achieve an elevated business impact by offloading exhaustive, repetitive tasks thanks to the power of automation. Many organizations are also using a security data lake to relieve budget pressure from costly SIEM solutions and forget about choosing what data to keep and what not. 

So How Can Hunters Help?

Hunters XDR addresses multiple use cases on various different levels. These are the key ones:

  • SIEM Replacement. Modern SOCs are moving beyond legacy SIEM solutions by adopting XDR to streamline their security programs while achieving the automation and scale needed to detect, investigate and respond to threats when security becomes a big data challenge.
  • Security Data Lake ETL and Analytics. Hunters’ built-in ETL capabilities lift and shift, normalize and organize security data using a security data lake. Hunters also applies advanced security analytics to derive insights from existing security data lakes.
  • Security Analytics. Hunters’ “always-hot”, cost-effective and cloud-based model for data retention allows for deep investigation and contextualization of threat signals and alerts, enabling organizations to confidently resolve incidents when needed.
  • Threat Hunting: Hunters XDR provides an unparalleled platform for threat hunting: using Hunters’ open XDR, analysts from any tier can easily perform hunting activities, and for threat hunters, using the Hunters platform they can easily hunt on any domain by having overall visibility over the entire attack surface. Then, if needed, alerts and threat signals of high significance can be easily escalated for response and remediation.


Open XDR in the Modern SOC - Watch the webinar replay here!