It can be challenging to explain what it is that a complex platform like Hunters does and how it works. So we put our heads together and spent several months working with a film / VFX team to produce a short video.

HubSpot Video

Here’s what it says:

For security operations teams, it takes too long to see, understand, and act upon real threats.

The technology they’re using - like SIEM - does not handle today’s volume, variety, and cost of data and complexity of attack surface. Teams are overworked with constant rule management, false positives, and manual alert investigation.

Introducing Hunters SOC Platform.

Hunters ingests, normalizes, and retains data from all your sources at a predictable cost. It applies built-in detection engineering - guided by the MITRE ATTACK framework - saving analysts the complex effort of creating and maintaining detection rules.

Suspicious events are automatically investigated, correlated, and prioritized into attack stories that present a clear picture of any real threats.

Hunters empowers security teams to automatically identify and respond to incidents that matter, helping teams mitigate real threats faster and more reliably.

Hunters SOC Platform — Focus on incidents that matter.


Visuals by Robot Genius. Script by Hunters.