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“Even our systems, which we thought were more advanced, still weren’t able to detect as quickly, and as effectively, as Hunters did.”

—Mario Duarte, VP of Security
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“Hunters XDR helps us connect the dots between the different solutions and mitigate incidents much faster."

—Guy Flechter, CISO

“Hunters detected way more events and incidents, and did it way faster.”

—Rene Rindermann, CISO

A security decision support
system for confident response

Align your security tools into a cohesive incident detection, investigation, and response platform, that applies autonomous attack analytics to identify real incidents with context to drive rapid, effective SOC response.

Vendor-agnostic ingestion, normalization, cross-correlation, and storage of data across the entire attack surface at cloud scale

Why xdr?

Gartner Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response

—Gartner Recognized Hunters as an 'early' XDR product. Gartner outlines the advantages for security and risk management leaders that implement an XDR solution in their organization. Gartner_logo.svg

 “XDR can not only improve threat detection and response, but can also help modernize, integrate, and automate security operations processes.”

—Jon Oltsik, ESG, November 2020 esg-logo
use cases
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SIEM Replacement

Replace or extend your SIEM deployment 

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Security Data Lake ETL and Analytics

Add analytics to derive security insights from your data lake 

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Security Analytics

Apply security analytics across siloed environments 

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Threat Hunting

Adopt automated threat hunting 

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Extending Threat Detection with Hunters XDR

Snowflake needed a solution that could integrate into all, make the right connections, and detect hidden cyber threats, at speed and scale.

Introducing: Hands-On Security Podcast

Tune in to hear Hunters' new 'Hands-On' security podcast.

CrowdStrike & Hunters Webinar
Webinar: CrowdStrike & Hunters

Learn how to easily move from EDR to XDR, achieving higher detection efficacy by integrating CrowdStrike and Hunters.