Open XDR solutions transform the way the SOC detects, investigates and responds to threats across the attack surface. Watch to learn how.


Gartner outlines the advantages for security and risk management leaders that implement an XDR solution in their organization.

Find, Understand and Act on the Signals that Matter

Security Operations teams have no shortage of alerts to investigate, so adopting solutions that prioritize real incidents and pave a clear road for triage and containment is a game changer.

Hunters exposes incidents that would otherwise be missed by cross-correlating low fidelity signals and adding critical context to events detected by various security tools. The output is a dynamically prioritized, well-curated list of real incidents that are enriched with context to help analysts understand the attack and its impact, resulting in fully confident response actions and reduced attackers' dwell time.

Data without Barriers

Extend Data Usability

Complete, vendor-agnostic ingestion, normalization, cross-correlation and retention of data across the entire security and IT stack


Gain  Incident  Clarity

Gain Incident Clarity

Accelerated, confident response to incidents through dynamic cross-correlation and auto-investigations, built on deep security expertise


Elevate Business Impact

Elevate Business Impact

Free up the SOC from resource exhausting tasks to focus on value-added work, and free up budget to match the demands of your business


Security Decision Support System

Productized security knowledge provides out-of-the-box detection, scoring, and investigation that’s always up to date

Hunters XDR Platform Screen Shot
Raw Events

Raw Events

Hunters.AI connects to your existing data sources, wherever they lie, using restful APIs, Syslog, SIEM, cloud storage connections, and more.

Potential Threat Signals

Potential Threat Signals

Hunters’ TTP-based detectors surface all potential attack signals, including weak/benign-looking activities

Prioritized Threat Signals

Prioritized Threat Signals

Hunters.AI’s ML-based, autonomous investigations extract features and entities around a specific activity, query, and score them to prioritize threat signals

Actionable Attack Stories

Actionable Attack Stories

Hunters.AI correlates prioritized threat signals across attack surfaces, and delivers high fidelity findings via actionable attack stories. These include: timeline, location, path, context, target and potential impact.

Key XDR Use Cases

SIEM Replacement

SIEM Replacement

Replace or extend your SIEM deployment with Hunters' open approach to data. Our “always-hot” cost-effective cloud-based model is built to fit today's dynamic IT environment and the expanding attack surface.

Security Data Lake ETL and Analytics

Security Data Lake ETL and Analytics

Use Hunters’ built-in ETL capabilities to lift and shift, normalize and organize your data using a security data lake or the cloud, and apply advanced security analytics to derive security insights from your security data lake.

Security Analytics

Security Analytics

Packaged cyber expertise applied across the entire attack surface provides ready-to-use detection capabilities -mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework- that are always up to date with IOCs, TTPs and threat intelligence.

Hunt Threats with Ease

Threat Hunting

Threat hunters can implement and automate their hunting thesis with a consolidated threat hunting platform. Hunters provides threat hunting teams with off-the-shelf automatic investigations and lets them connect their own detection logics into Hunters’ proprietary knowledge graph.

Hear From Our Customers


Guy Flechter, CISO @ AFL

“Hunters XDR helps us connect the dots between the different solutions and mitigate incidents much faster.”


Mario Duarte, VP of Security @ SnowFlake

“Even our systems, which we thought were more advanced, still weren’t able to detect it as quickly, and as effectively, as Hunters did.”


Rene Rindermann, CISO, eON

“Hunters.AI detected way more events and incidents, and it did it way faster.”

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Hunters cloud-native, open XDR uniquely ingests, retains, and dynamically
cross-correlates all security telemetry to accelerate investigations and foster
confident response to incidents. Connecting your data sources to Hunters is
straightforward - no sensors required.

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